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  • Nov 23, 2021

Rutabingwa Advocates – Promaxfy Brand

Rutabingwa and Co. Advocates is a full service and highly accredited Tanzania based, East African law firm which owes its prestige to providing first class legal services.

We are uniquely placed to assist our clients achieve their ambitions competitively, effectively, professionally and timeously. Our international Standards, global elites and our culture of excellence in local practice, define our superior quality.

R utabingwa and Co. Advocates consists of young, smart and talented lawyers, who are tough and flexible when providing services to our clients. Our personnel provide sophisticated advices on; Labor and Managerial relations, Research and Project Planning, Staffing, Legal Advice/Opinion, Drafting and certification of legal documents and Administrative services. We bring the understanding of business and legal culture to help our clients to execute even the most challenging deals in the land and abroad.
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